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The stories behind Serbia

Small local businesses in Belgrade

Small local businesses in Belgrade

The basis of sustainable tourism is support for small local businesses and producers. That is why we, the Alternative Serbia team, have decided that our

vegan food in Belgrade

Traditional vegan food in Belgrade

Although Serbia is known as the land of meat, there is a large selection of traditional vegan food in Belgrade. The culture of each nation

Belgrade survival guide

How to survive Belgrade and Serbian culture? Here is the ultimate Belgrade survival guide for everything you expect and don’t expect from this outstanding city.

3 must-visit scary places in Belgrade

Belgrade New cemetery Is there a better synonym for a scary place than a cemetery? Some cemeteries represent world-class tourist attractions and are visited by

Interesting facts about Serbia

12 interesting facts about Serbia

Serbia is a country of scientists, agriculture, music and food. It is a synonym for a mix of cultural influences. Because of that, it is so unique and magnificent. Here are 12 interesting facts about Serbia that you may not have known.

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