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Traditional sweets of Belgrade

This is an experience for real dessert lovers! Taste Serbian sweet delights and learn about culture, tradition and holidays in Serbia!

“My wife and I are big sweets lovers. Wherever we travel, we try local desserts. Of all the places we visited, Serbia has the best sweets doubtlessly! So many different flavors, so many different colors and ingredients! Traditional sweets of Belgrade literally blew our minds away!” 

Daniel Cebotari, Moldova

Types of sweets



All year

Experience highlights - a sneak peek of what's to come

  • Oriental desserts
  • Modern sweets
  • Hand-made products
  • Knez Mihailova street
  • Savamala
  • City center
  • Dorćol quarter
  • Skadarlija street
  • Local confectioneries

Experience Description

This is an experience for real dessert lovers!

Do you have a sweet tooth? When you travel, do you always try to figure out where to find the best cakes, gelato, or chocolate?

Completely local and tasty bites are waiting for you in Belgrade. This experience is perfect for couples, families, children, and adults.

Belgrade is a city for foodies and offers a huge variety of mouthwatering desserts. Try baklava, žito, ratluk, knedle, praline, džem, slatko and many other sweets.

Everything is handmade and of the highest quality. Behind each traditional sweet, there is a secret story connected to Serbian culture and traditions.

We prepared for you a mixture of traditional and modern flavors. You will have the opportunity to try the best delights inherited from Turkey’s kitchen, prepared according to the recipe from 1936!

You will walk to the old pastry shop where you can taste baklava, tulumba, wheat and other cakes, and hear about customs in Serbia and food prepared for slava. Slava is a holiday celebrated only by Serbs and protected by UNESCO as an intangible heritage.

As you walk to the place that locals call the dumplings empire, you will hear about the turbulent history of Belgrade, the influences of different nations on our culture, and about the contemporary life of Belgradians.

You will also visit the most creative pastry shop where you can taste the sweets of all shapes, colors and flavors and hear how this place is connected to the designer clothing store.

You will pass through the outstanding streets of Belgrade and then through the former Turkish part of the city, which is today painted with graffiti. Near is the bohemian quarter of Belgrade and the oldest Belgrade brewery. After that, you will visit a shop with local, handmade, traditional jams and juices, prepared with the fruits from the remote forests of the Serbian mountains. You will have an opportunity to try some of the fruity specialties that are symbols of hospitality in Serbian culture.

It is going to be sweet and spectacular! Stay away from the tourist traps, try the best sweets in Belgrade, and discover what locals order!

What do you get?

  • 7 venues
  • 2  drinks
  • 8 types of Serbian desserts
  • English speaking local host
  • Experience organization

Exclusive offer

49 per person
  • For only 1 person

Double fun

45 per person
  • For 2 persons

Trio fantastico

39 per person
  • For 3 persons

Dream team

35 per person
  • For 4-7 persons

Group vibe

29 per person
  • For 8-10 persons

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