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Small local businesses in Belgrade

The basis of sustainable tourism is support for small local businesses and producers. That is why we, the Alternative Serbia team, have decided that our business partners will be exclusively small local businesses in Belgrade. We take you to visit local patisseries, shops, perfumeries, souvenir shops, to see and try their authentic handmade products and hear gripping stories behind their businesses.

Olga and fruits from Jastrebac mountain

This is the story of Olga, a cheerful woman engaged in the production and processing of fruits and vegetables from the Jastrebac mountain in Serbia. 
Her small business is based on making traditional Serbian jams, wines, rakija, ajvar, juices and the famous Serbian “slatko”, a symbol of Serbian hospitality. She maintains orchards planted by her ancestors on her family estate. 
Olga makes sure that everything is planted on time and that every fruit is hand-pickedShe is engaged in organic production, and also makes sugar-free products that are very healthy! Also, her family is one of the few producers of mouthwatering products based on forest fruits. In her small shop in Belgrade, Olga always cordially entertains our guests on tours, shows them her products and gives them to try anything they want.
It is a real pleasure to introduce foreigners to Olga, her local business in Belgrade and present them traditional Serbian delicacies! 

The last Belgrade perfume shop

We present you a 67 years old perfume shop, that Nenad keeps from oblivion.
This small business in Belgrade dates back to the 1940s but opened under its current name a decade later. Nenad is the last craftsman in Belgrade who still produces perfume products. There used to be 22 other craft perfumeries in Belgrade, and Nenad’s is the only one that still exists. The last Belgrade perfume shop “Sava” testifies to the struggle, life and history of Belgrade. 
The perfumery today looks the same as when it was opened. In addition to family photographs, old advertisements and newspapers, perfume bottles from the 1950s and 1960s are present on shop windows and numerous shelves. Today, this small local business survives thanks to tradition, good reputation, quality, affordable prices and reliability, which separates it from other perfume offers on the market.
Nenad says that he never offers more than four scents to customers to smell because the nose loses sensitivity after too many sensations. After enquiring about preferences floral, citrus, sweet, he uses an old-fashioned pump to test different fragrances on the clients’ arms. Clients are then encouraged to take a walk and return later to choose which perfume they like best, as the scent evolves overtime after its first contact with the skin.
Thanks to his dedication, quality products and enthusiasm, in front of his perfumery is often a long line of customers and tourists who experience this small local business in Belgrade as a museumWe are honored to have the opportunity to visit Nenad’s perfumery on our tours. 

Sweet wonders in the heart of Belgrade

This is a cake shop, where every cake is a real masterpiece. Eating their cakes, cookies and pralines is truly a wonderful experience. 
In the charming street in the city center, Mandarina cake shop offers creatively designed, mouthwatering hand-made cakes with high-quality ingredients and the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate. Their small business is here for all those who believe that life is about the small pleasures and indispensable sweet daily delights. 
It was founded by Krsto and Kamelija Radović. This family business started with the idea of preserving the long confectionery tradition of the Radović family, complemented by innovative Krsto’s recipes and techniques for making desserts
Krsto Radovic received a Master’s degree in culinary arts from the University of West London, specializing in chocolate, sweet pastries, cakes and cookies. He has twenty years of professional experience and an incredible commitment to making cakes that are a pleasure to both the eyes and the tongue. 
It is such a satisfaction to cooperate with these people and introduce tourists to the most modern Serbian hand-made desserts

Innovative and contemporary Serbian souvenirs

Tricikl shop is a small local business in Belgrade that brings creative things with inspiring backstories to all of us who are fans of unordinary. 
Everything in this store is artsy and handmade. Unique design pieces represent Belgrade and Serbia at their best. Tricikl is a shop with innovative and contemporary souvenirs that represent the works of young Serbian designers. 
Coolest accessories are waiting here: Nikola Tesla’s patents as t-shirts or wall art, Cyrillic alphabet totes, award-winning design home decor pieces, handcrafted leather notebooks, chocolates with motives of Serbia, inspiring books, sunglasses made from recycled skateboards and so much more. 
Our guides and employees in the Tricikl shop do their best to make every visit to this place special, not only because of shopping but also because of the rich cultural experience that can be obtained here. 
Photo sources:, Mandarina cake shop, Tricikl shop, Olga Nikolić

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