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Rivers & parks of Belgrade

Get back to nature! Meet the Danube, meet the Sava, cycle through Belgrade parks, minimize negative environmental impact and experience the green side of Belgrade!

“I just have to say WOW! This is the best experience I have had recently! Pristine nature, parks, hidden corners, beautiful rivers, protected areas, history, culture, and Belgrade on two wheels! Relaxing atmosphere, pleasant cycling, and stunning scenery – my family claims this is a 10-star experience.” 

Dael Bakker, Netherland



3.5 – 4h


Experience highlights - a sneak peek of what's to come

  • Cycling adventure
  • The Danube river
  • The Sava river
  • Green areas
  • Famous Belgrade parks
  • Kalemegdan fortress
  • Hidden artistic corner
  • City center
  • Dorcol neighborhood
  • Belgrade waterfront

Experience Description

Embark on an unforgettable cycling tour along the picturesque Danube and Sava rivers. This immersive experience will take you through beautiful parks, hidden corners, and beloved local spots, offering a unique perspective of the city.

Be a responsible tourist. Meet the green side of Belgrade! 

As you hop on your bike, get ready to be enchanted by the stunning sceneries that unfold before you. The Danube River, one of Europe’s most iconic waterways, and the beautiful Sava will accompany you throughout your journey. Their gentle flow and shimmering waters will create a tranquil backdrop as you pedal along their banks, soaking in the serene atmosphere.

Belgrade is unique because of its many parks and the confluence of two large European rivers, located almost in the city center! Go around the town on two wheels and have an active, fun experience with local guides!

You will have an opportunity to cycle along the biggest park in Belgrade and hear historical stories about its magnificent surroundings, represented in fortress walls.

You will visit places where locals love to gather and enjoy the extraordinary landscapes of the Belgrade waterfront.

Be prepared to discover the energy and liveliness that characterizes this dynamic city. Admire the diverse architecture, from old buildings to modern skyscrapers, showcasing the city’s rich history and contemporary spirit.

The hidden gems you will visit offer a glimpse into the city’s soul and provide an authentic experience of local life.

You deserve peace, relaxation, and a break from the daily rush. Get ready to embrace the spirit of Belgrade on two wheels and create memories that will stay with you long after your journey comes to an end.

We are here to bring you back to nature and its magical effects!

What do you get?

  • 8 venues;
  • 1 drink;
  • Bicycle rental
  • English-speaking local host
  • Experience organization

Exclusive offer

49 per person
  • For only 1 person

Double fun

45 per person
  • For 2 persons

Trio fantastico

39 per person
  • For 3 persons

Dream team

35 per person
  • For 4-7 persons

Group vibe

29 per person
  • For 8-10 persons

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  • increase or decrease types of the food tasted
  • consider vegetarian/vegan/food intolerance options 
  • combine several existing experiences into one 
  • create a completely new offer adjusted to your needs
  • offer special discounts for groups

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