Non-smoking cafes and restaurants in Belgrade

In the heart of Belgrade’s dynamic cafe culture, a quiet revolution is taking root—the rise of non-smoking cafes and inviting non-smoking places. As the city pulses with history and a modern buzz, these havens offer a refreshing break from the norm. Amidst the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delectable pastries, these establishments provide a breath of fresh air, quite literally, embracing a healthier lifestyle while fostering the city’s vibrant café scene.

Here is the list of our favorite non-smoking cafes and restaurants in Belgrade:

Restaurants / snack bars

Endorphin, the pioneer of Serbian Gastro Pub and Craft Beer Bar, is settled in the Dorcol neighborhood. It is an epitome of culinary innovation and a social hub in Belgrade. Whether you’re seeking a delightful lunch, indulgent brunch, flavorsome dinner, or vibrant weekend mingling, Endorphin offers an all-encompassing experience.

Instagram: @endorfinbelgrade

🚭 JaM - Just a Maestro
📍 Kneza Miletina, 25

Cuisine, cocktails, cakes – wonderful experience for your tastebuds. The cuisine is author’s, the dishes are Mediterranean, and the ambiance is almost marine, in the middle of old Дорчол район. The menu is limited, always seasonal, and with carefully selected ingredients.

Instagram: @jam_belgrade

🚭 Vegangelov
📍 Gospodar Jovanova, 42a

This is a restaurant of vegan cuisine where food is prepared from fresh, local ingredients, relying on Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Italian recipes. Here you also have a great selection of good, organic wines.

Instagram: @vegangelovi

Whether you are looking for a delicious pizza or a superb cocktail, this is the place for you.

Here you can enjoy the taste of real Neapolitan pizza made from ingredients specially imported from Italy – and you can try innovative cocktails prepared by professional bartenders according to special recipes.

Instagram: @pietra_belgrade

All-day breakfast and brunch? Yes, please! Their priorities are simple yet healthy and delicious meals, perfectly paired with good coffee and freshly squeezed cold-pressed juices. Also, furry companions—dogs are more than welcome!

Instagram: @bloombelgrade

Healthy homemade food restaurant in the heart of Belgrade, offering smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, homemade sodas, breakfast, sandwiches, pasta, burgers, and vegetarian dishes.

Instagram: @red_bread_beograd

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Cuba amidst the heart of Belgrade at this authentic Cuban restaurant, where every dish is a delightful journey through the island’s rich culinary heritage.

Instagram: @la_rumba_belgrado

If you are a sushi lover, look no further! Bad Sushi is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Belgrade and their menu is really divine!

Instagram: @badsushi.rs

This is a multi-purpose space of the Krokodil association dedicated to the creation of literary, cultural, and socio-political programs and content with the aim of developing the literary audience as well as those interested in culture in general. It organizes festivals, events, and workshops, they have their own bazaar, and you can also enjoy their food.

Instagram: @krokodil_cafe_and_deli

If your heart desires burgers, head to this restaurant, not far from the most famous Knez Mihaila street, in Belgrade.

Instagram: @burgerhousebros

Here you can try canapés/sandwiches/salads prepared from organic, local products, drink the best (organic) coffee, socialize, and work in a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. The bistro is a gathering place for all of you who want a bit of peace in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Instagram: @delicentfood

Cake shops/confectioneries

🚭 Wagokoro
📍 Carigradska, 10

Minimalist Japanese ambiance and traditional Japanese Daifuku sweets. The sweets consist of a stretchy dough made of glutinous rice, usually filled with a sweet paste made from red “azuki” beans. In addition to the traditional recipe, there are also variants filled with chocolate, fruit or ice cream.

Instagram: @wagokoro_belgrade

🚭 Šuma
📍 Simina, 22

If you like cakes to be creamy, crunchy, juicy, and melting, but made from healthy ingredients, you are in the right place. This patisserie offers desserts that contain protein, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. All delicacies are raw, healthy, and delicious – nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, wholemeal flour, spices, and herbs are the ingredients.

Instagram: @poslasticarnicasuma

🚭 Valentina i karanfil
📍 Gospodar Jevremova, 6

This is a shop selling bean-to-bar chocolate from around the world. It is a special chocolate, not produced industrially, and is made exclusively from natural ingredients. But this is not only a chocolate shop, but also a place to rest. In the Valentina bar, you can drink hot and cold, milk, dark and white chocolate, coffee, tea, and lemonade, and enjoy your organic chocolate.

Instagram: @valentinaikaranfil

🚭 Fini
📍 Svetozara Miletica, 7
📍 Mutapova, 21

A well-known Belgrade patisserie that produces the finest confections from high-quality ingredients, the most recognizable of which are macarons.

Instagram: @fini.rs


🚭 Artist Specialty Coffee
📍 Kondina, 26

A small cafeteria on Dorcol, where exceptional coffee is drunk from hand-made cups.

Instagram: @artist_beograd

🚭 Coffee Dream
📍 Knez Mihailova, 47

This is a chain of cafes that you can find in a large number of locations in Belgrade. Smoking is prohibited in the Coffee Dream in Knez Mihailova Street.

Local tip: if you are a sweet coffee lover, try their mocha coffee. It’s a real specialty! So creamy and tasty! Also, they are known for different sizes of cups so you can drink even half a liter of coffee!

Instagram: @coffeedreambeograd

🚭 Pržionica
📍 Dobračina, 59b

Good specialty coffee and a relaxed industrial interior in the heart of Dorćol. What else do you need?

Instagram: @przionicabg

🚭 Kofilin
📍 Cara Dušana, 29

An irresistible place where you can try various types of coffee and enjoy traditional Russian desserts. You can find this cafeteria at 4 locations in Belgrade:

  • Cara Dušana 29, 
  • Svetogorska 26a,
  • Carice Milice 9,
  • Cara Nikolaja II, 77


Instagram: @kofilin.beograd

🚭 Hotel Beograd Café
📍 Balkanska, 48

A blend of modern design and traditional elements of Serbian culture, this cafe offers a great atmosphere for work, accompanied by delicious coffee and crispy croissants.

Instagram: @hotelbeograd1937

🚭 Way Cup kafeterija
📍 Ravanička, 29

Not far from Cvetkova Green Market, this small, tucked-away cafe awaits you. Here locals like to soak up the sun’s rays with the first sips of their coffee. This place is both pet-friendly and laptop-friendly.

Instagram: @waycupkafeterija

🚭 Kafograf
📍 Bulevar despota Stefana, 81

A small, local cafeteria, attracts all people with its irresistible aroma of coffee.

Instagram: @kafograf

🚭 Kuca umetnica
📍 Gospodar Jevremova, 25

This is an art space that transcends traditional definitions. This visionary establishment seamlessly intertwines the allure of a cozy café and bar, a haven for creative souls seeking inspiration. Step inside to discover not just a cafe but a curated fusion of design and vintage concept store, adorned with eclectic pieces that beckon enthusiasts of unique aesthetics. Engage in workshops that ignite your artistic spark or immerse yourself in vibrant events that celebrate culture and creativity.

Instagram: @kucaumetnica

🚭 DRIP speciality coffee
📍 Gospodar Jevremova, 46a

Small, self-service specialty coffee shop in the picturesque Dorcol neighborhood, where you can also buy coffee equipment.

Instagram: @dripbelgrade

🚭 Lamans bistro
📍 Kej Oslobodjenja, 51

A small, charming, vintage cafe in Земун, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Danube with your coffee.

Instagram: @bistro_lamans

🚭 April bar
📍 Zetska, 18a

This is a cozy little bar, where you can enjoy good cocktails and a pleasant hidden garden.

Instagram: @april_bar_

🚭 Svetozar
📍 Svetozara Markovica, 4

Rustic & vintage interior design with tasty coffee, close to beautiful Tasmajdan Park.

Instagram: @bar_svetozar

🚭 Zona Industriale
📍 Njegoseva, 49

The small, local cafe where Belgradians love to wake up.

Instagram: @zona_industriale

🚭 Bon Vivant
📍 Dositejeva, 37

Not far from the bohemian quarter of Belgrade (Skadarlija Street), this place is ideal for a good coffee after a traditional Serbian lunch in some of the restaurants in the neighborhood.

Instagram: @kafeterija_bonvivant

🚭 D59B
📍 Kralja Petra, 70

Dorcol. Industrial. Specialty.

Instagram: @d59b.belgrade

🚭 Koppa speciality coffee
📍 Nikolaja Krasnova, 14

After exploring the Vračar area, come here for a cup of pleasure.

Instagram: @koppacoffee

🚭 Bookastore
📍 Cara Lazara, 12
📍 Cara Dušana, 68

If you’re a fan of coffee shops nestled in bookstores, this is heaven for you!

Instagram: @bookastore

🚭 Štrik
📍 Vlajkovićeva, 7

Another cafe-bookstore that you will love!

Instagram: @shtrikaknjiga

🚭 Gir cafe
📍 Trešnjinog cveta, 5

If you are looking for a morning coffee, a late breakfast, an after-work cocktail, or a top-quality piece of furniture, you can stop by this cafe in New Belgrade. Next to the cafe is a furniture store, where you can choose some authentic pieces of furniture for your home.

Instagram: @gir.cafe

🚭 Greenet
📍 Nušićeva, 4

A cafe where you can drink quality coffee in the heart of Belgrade and buy roasted coffee beans or ground coffee.

Instagram: @greenet_caffe

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